Wild Woodland Toys carefully selects brands that reflect the values of this business. Each brand offers a lot more than the latest trendy educational toys.

Wooden Toys have been around for centuries so they are tried and true. Toys need to be durable and of utmost top quality as, lets face it, children are rough on their toys. I also tend to thnk that the more a wooden toys is played with, the better it looks too!

Wooden Toys are versatile and durable enough that they can grow with your child. Toddlers and preschoolers may engage in simple imaginative play and basic manipulation with wooden toys, but older children can begin to incorporate wooden toys in more complex imaginative scenarios, work them into discussions of geometry and physics, and use them to solve problems.

Wooden Toys encourage children to use their imaginations. Wooden Toys dont tend to have one purpose so they encourage children to use their imagination. They’re also generally non-toxic and made from natural materials, which means you dont have to worry about them chewing on them or sucking on them.

They dont come with batteries which create a lot of ear jarring noise and distracting flashing lights. They are peaceful, in turn creating a calm environment.

Plus, wooden toys are just beautiful. Theres something about wood. Its a natural product, it feels good to hold and play with. Even just sitting on a shelf, their aesthetic appeal fills the room.

So, even though you may pay more for wooden toys their values far outweighs their plastic counterparts. Rather than coming with a set purpose and a limited use, wooden toys have the potential to last for years.


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