Dear Little Designs Wooden Letter Boxes

Dear Little Designs was launched in WA in 2013. They have won numerous awards including a product innovation award!

Dear Little Designs produce beautiful wooden products for children. They are specifically designed to motivate children and  to unleash their interest in the magic of the written word, whilst providing them with the structured and concrete experience of writing and posting letters to friends, family, Santa, Tooth Fairy,  Easter Bunny and more.

The Dear Little Designs range aims to stimulate imaginative play and creative learning, adding value to any bedroom, playroom or classroom. Dear Little Designs love to inspire imagination and learning through creative play whilst encouraging and developing strong literacy foundations in young children.

Two Mailbox designs are available in a gorgeous array of colours to choose from! There is the traditional curved ‘mailbox’ design and a peaked roof ‘letterbox’ design. Each mailbox/letterbox comes with its own stationary and pencils to get children started on their letter writing journey.

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