Mindful & Co Kids

It’s a way of being that empowers and encourages young minds instead of hindering them, or barricading them, or telling them to “be realistic” or “toughen up”. It is distinct. A new perspective, and a better way of life.

As parents, we want to give our children the cosmos, yet at the same time, protect them from everything it harbors. So, isn’t the greatest gift we can give our little humans the knowledge and strength to move through it, gently and consciously?

Our children are taught Maths, English, Geography and Science at school – but no classes teach them how to be comfortable in silence, how to love themselves fully, and how to unashamedly trust their inner voice.

Through yoga and mindfulness exercises, we invite our children to connect deeper with themselves, and the world around them. We give them the tools to take into scary situations, difficult relationships, big life decisions, and feel assured and safe in their choices.

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