The rainbow is one of the most beautiful, naturally occurring phenomenons in nature. Scientifically speaking, rainbows appear in the sky when sunlight enters raindrops, causing dispersion and refraction of the light.

The colors of the rainbow appear in this order:


But here’s a fun fact: While we only list seven colors in the rainbow, the rainbow is actually made up of over 1 million colors, most of which the human eye cannot see or comprehend.

We sell so many rainbows that they deserve a category of their own!

Watch your toddler stack, sort and build the stacking rainbows. They will start to learn to recognise colours, shapes, sizes and sequencing.  As children grow older see them transform the pieces into a doll house, animals, tunnels, bridges and roads for cars, cradles for dolls, build fantastic sculptures – there really are no bounds to imaginative and fantasy play!

The play possibilities are endless with these versatile wooden rainbows!

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