Tegu Magnetic Blocks

Tegu – Magnetic Wooden Blocks don’t have any instructions to use them or touchscreens to control them, but they do require a little old-fashioned imagination. These unique blocks are made from sustainably-sourced, FSC-certified Honduran hardwoods with magnets safely embedded inside each one, allowing them to be stuck together for unlimited creative stacking. They contain no lead or plastic, are non-toxic, finished with water-based lacquers, and contain no small parts. A great way to unlock a kid’s creativity, imagination, and possible future career in architecture.

One thing most people don’t realize is that all of Tegu Blocks are designed to work together. This was a unique challenge that was solved by crafting each block around a core cubic module. (By the way, the cube was the first piece Tegu made!)

Safety: This product conforms to most international safety requirements for toys, including regulations in the USA (CPSIA), Europe (EN71) and Canada (Health Canada, excluding Quebec).

Tegu Blocks are heirloom toys meant to be passed from generation to generation. They’re a modern twist on a beloved classic.

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