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Can You Guess? (Orchard Toys)

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Make sounds and perform actions for other players to guess in this entertaining performance game! Players take turns to spin the spinner and perform either a sound, an action, or both! The first person to guess correctly gets to collect a shiny gold star! Players then place their card on their board, before play moves onto the next person. The winner is the person with the most star tokens at the end of the game!

This performance game is great fun for all the family, guaranteed to get players from young to old giggling! Like traditional charades, everybody gets to act out six cards regardless of how many stars they win…so even young players can join in the fun! The cards all feature sounds and actions which children will be familiar with – from animals to sports to characters to emotions.


  • 4 jigged scoreboards
  • 18 sound cards
  • 18 action cards
  • 10 performance cards
  • 24 star tokens
  • 1 spinner
  • 1 instruction leaflet


Rec. Age: 3+

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