Galt Rainbow Lab

Galt Rainbow Lab Science Kit


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Master the art of rainbow science with the Galt Rainbow Lab. A perfect kit for budding scientists who also enjoy mixing colours, chemicals and liquids to create all sorts of fun experiments.

A perfect science kit that will put a smile on your child’s face.

The Galt Rainbow Lab will lead your child through some fun experiments such as making multi coloured crystals and creating a test tube rainbow.

The Galt Rainbow Lab includes everything you need to make 12 fun experiments and includes 3 test tubes, test tube rack, goggles, colour mixing tray, pipette, polyacrylamide crystals, 3 food colourings, rainbow glasses, 3 plastic cups, mirror, stickers, notepad and more.

The Galt Rainbow Labs is simply awesome fun, it will get your child thinking about science whilst having a rainbow coloured time.


Rec. Age: 5+

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