Grimm's Large Stacking Rainbow
Grimm's Large Stacking RainbowGrimm's Large Rainbow

Grimm’s Large Stacking Rainbow


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Grimm’s Spiel and Holz Large Rainbow Stacker includes 12 unbelievably beautiful wooden arcs. They feature the rich, vibrant colors that Grimm’s Spiel und Holz wooden toys are well-known for.

The Grimm’s Large Stacking Rainbow is such a versatile toy with many years of open ended play stored inside. Stack, sort, build, create, children of all ages enjoy playing with these beautifully made rainbows. They can make structures, fences, tunnels, bridges, houses or just silly shapes on the floor. This simple toy with it’s inviting feel encourages children to create whatever their imagination wants and it’s wonderfully fun. Often a chosen favourite for Steiner Education schools.

Also available in Medium and Small design.

Size: 36cm x 16.5cm x 7cm

Rec. Age: 0+


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