ostheimer apple tree

Ostheimer Apple Tree


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¡This flourishing apple tree from Ostheimer can be added to meadow scene, create an orchard or even used as a prop at Christmas! Using sustainable hard wood is the quintessential material for a Waldorf tree.

These apples look ripe enough to pick for a tasty snack, or gather a whole crate of them to make pudding for the whole family. Foster a love for nature with figures from the natural world within your home, whether you live in the country surrounded by trees, or in the middle of a busy city. Add some other fruit trees to create an orchard, and set up a discussion about the changing seasons and harvest time. Learning through play is fun for the whole family.

This Ostheimer apple tree has been handcarved and skillfully handpainted, with various hues added to create a beautiful sense of realism.

Size: 13cm

Rec. Age: 3cm

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