dinky donkey

The Dinky Donkey Book & Plush Toy Gift Box Set


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Size: 24.4cm x 9.8cm x 23.6cm

Rec. Age: 3+

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Product Description

In this ultra hilarious, cumulative song, each page tells us something new about the dinky donkey – until we end up with a spunky, hanky-panky cranky stinky dinky lanky honky-tonky winky wonky donkey!

Beautifully packaged gift set consisting of the hardback book story of the Dinky Donkey with a matching plush Dinky Donkey!

Author:  Craig Smith

Illustrator: Katz Cowley

Format: Hardback

Size: 24.4cm x 9.8cm x 23.6cm

Pages: 24

Rec. Age: 3+

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