Where's My Cupcake? (Orchard Toys)
Where's My Cupcake? (Orchard Toys)Where's My Cupcake? (Orchard Toys)

Where’s My Cupcake? (Orchard Toys)


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This is an educational game that emphasises table manners and learning to share while collecting and matching your cupcakes. It contains 10 different types of delicious cupcake cards (total of 40 cards), 4 different colour plate boards, 1 recipe board and 1 instruction leaflets.
The objective is to collect the most cupcake cards on your plate board. When you are unable to match any face up cards on the table or your own pile, the player will check on other players’ plate board. If the other player already has it, you will ask that player
“Would you like a cupcake?”.
That player should be encouraged to reply
“yes please” and “thank you”.

Rec. Age: 3+

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