Rewards Program

Earn points on every dollar you spend with our

Points and Loyalty Rewards Program!

To collect and redeem points you must have an account and be logged in with the SAME email address that you used to create your account with. Points cannot be transferred to another email address.

All the details….

  • Only those with accounts (registered and purchased online) can collect and redeem points. Create an account by clicking and start earning points today!
  • It’s completely FREE!
  • Earn 1 point for every 5 dollars spent (excluding postage)
  • For every 40 points, a $5 discount can be redeemed.
  • From time to time we may also offer boost points on a variety of products and services, including customer referrals, product review submission, registration/updating customer details and subscription to e-newsletters.
  • Your points NEVER EXPIRE! There is no use by date.
  • Log onto your online customer account at any time to view your balance. 
  • When items are returned, points are forfeited with the exception of faulty goods.
  • Points will immediately be added to your tally once an order has been completed.

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