The Phenomenum of Colouring Books for Grown Ups.

If you’re like me, there is a strong attraction to stationery. Notebooks in pretty pastel colours, glittering mindfulness quotes emblazoned across the cover. Pens in every colour and point….and glorious gel pens. How many gel pens should a person have before one should say enough!

I must admit when the detailed adult colouring books hit the shelves I pounced. Another reason to purchase yet more colouring in pencils. Even Crayola got in on the act and came up with the adult version of colouring pencils….and yes I fell for the marketing and purchased a pack..the large pack. Before long I had a substantial collection of detailed colouring books.

The idea behind these colouring books was to provide us adults with a session of mindfulness. It’s no secret that mindfulness is the key in reducing stress levels. You also dont have to be a skilled ‘colourer-inn-a’. Theres nothing to lose. Study the image and the lines, select the colour and stay within the lines! The beauty of this activity is that it doesnt cost an arm and a leg. It can be taken anywhere. It can be done solo.

Like meditation, colouring allows us to switch off our minds and focus on the moment., experiencing a sense of relief and given a break from life’s issues. We are in the moment. The art of colouring requires repetition and attention to detail so we have to focus on the activity, rather than our worries.

We can also see the act of colouring brings out our inner child. A reminder of days when life was simple, carefree and our biggest problem was choosing the selection of mixed lollies. In addition to this, completing a page of colouring provides a sense of accomplishment and I think this applies at whatever age you are…..5 or 99! Our gratification continues our wave of happiness.

So, this adult colouring craze sweeping Australia and overseas… seems there are many good reasons to jump on board. Our lives are busier, it can be stressful and we could all do with a good does of a ‘feel good’ activity that takes us back to our childhood where there was no digital entertainment. Just a colouring book and another excuse to buy a pack of gel pens!

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