Wobbel Board or Kinderboard?

Quite a common question and one I am asked if a customer is wanting to purchase a balance board. They look similiar, they do the same thing and they’re made out of..well, wood! However, there are minor differences, one being the price tag!

A Wobbel Board will retail for over $300 whereas a Kinderboard retails around the $170 mark. The absolute main point of difference is the Wobbel Board has a felt backing option. Not only does the felt protect the board AND your floor, it also deadens the noise. There is a beautiful array of wool felt colours to choose from from bright pink to the more natural grey hues.

Kinderfeets do not offer the option of a wool backing as they believe this limits its use for outside and also the ability to slide over (whether this be toys or the child themselves).

The Wobbel Board has a very smooth feel with a lustrous finish while the Kinderboard, whilst not rough, you can see and feel the natural grain of the wood.

Both Boards are made from FSC-certified European Beechwood finished with water-based lacquer. Both Dutch designed. The Wobble Board is made in Europe and the Kinderboard is manufacturd in Asia.

Wobbel Boards come in 2 sizes, with an XL option great for adults. Both are 30cm across. The Wobbel Board is 90cm and the Kinderboard is 81cm in length. Both are designed to withstand 200kgs weight on them with the Kinderboard a little more weight bearing at 220kgs.

The age reccommendation for a Wobbel Board is from birth and the Kinderboard is rated at 18 months but is tested for safety from birth onwards. Kinderfeets believes that children under the age of 18 months are unlikely to gain the full benefit of this product and so they recommend the Kinderboard for ages 18 months and up.

The Wobbel Board has been CE safety certified to European standards. The Kinderboard has been safety certified against Australian, European, and North American standards, including AS/NZ 8124, CE, ASTM, and EN71.

Neither Board really does outdo one another. I believe it is a personal choice. Personally, I love the wool backing. It gives a room a splash of colour and seems softer on the eyes. However, if you are budget limited then the Kinderboard is an excellent choice.